Basic Guide to Different Kinds of Golf Bags

Golfers can’t simply store the golf clubs and golf putters anywhere, regardless if they are in the country club or at home. Golf clubs are expensive and require proper care.

Furthermore, most country clubs will not admit golfers without the proper attire and golfing materials. By the time you start to shop and browse for golf bags, you will notice that there are different kinds of golf bags available at Rockbottomgolf site. As a golfer, it is an expectation of you to know the specific purposes of these bags. It may be quite embarrassing on your part to be totally clueless about your needs when shopping for a bag.

1.Carry Bag

Carry BagCarry bags are the lightest. They weigh just around 2 lbs because they are made of lighter materials and are less structured than the rest. They also lack stand legs that are found in most bags for golfing. Carry bags are minimalist bags that are ideal for golfers who do a lot of walking around the golf course. If you have other golf bags with you and decide to buy carry a bag, you will notice that carry bags have less pockets. Most bags have at least 6 pockets. Carry bags only have enough pockets to accommodate other golfing basics such as gloves, spare golf balls, tees and beverage. Inside the main compartment, there is also less division. Carry bags only have two-way dividers whereas other bags have around 4, 6 and 16 divisions.

2.Stand Bag

Stand BagStand bags can be distinguished by their two retractable legs. The retractable legs allow the stand bag to remain upright and to stand canted, meaning stand bags can stand diagonally, thus allowing the golfer an easier access to the golf clubs. The retractable legs can either retract to allow the stand bag to remain upright or to extend to stabilize the stand bag diagonally. With that said, stand bags can remain upright on turfs. Stand bags also have a shoulder backpack-like strap and an ergonomically designed padding to support the hips. It is also ideal for golfers who like to walk around the course. Because of its features, it weighs around 5 lbs. Stand bags can also be used with push and pull carts.

3.Cart Bag

Cart bagCarts bags are relatively smaller than other golf bags. Carts bags weigh around 7 lbs and are designed to be carried in golf carts or pull/ push carts. Some country clubs require using golf carts therefore cart bags are the best option for this. These bags can be carried around but they are not designed to be carried around. This makes cart bags not ideal if you want to walk around the golf course often. Cart bags have a rubber base to prevent it from slipping down the golf cart.

4.Staff Bag

staff bagStaff bags are often used specially by professional golfers on tournament. They are also called tour bags. Sometimes the sponsor’s provides the staff bags, thus you may see company logos on staff bags. These bags are big, heavy and luxurious. A caddy usually carries golf bags for professional golfers so weight is not an issue with them. To an ordinary golfer, staff bags can be too heavy to push and carry around the golf course. They weigh at least 10 lbs because of the materials used and a lot of space inside. These bags are around 8-12 inches in diameter. Staff bags can accommodate all 14 golf clubs and other golf accessories that a golfer can possibly bring. Above all, staff bags are the most aesthetically pleasing among the rest.

Qualities of an Effective Motivational Speaker

It takes a great person to be a great motivational speaker. Still, entering the world of public speaking is not so hard. You do not even need to complete a bachelor’s degree or a special training program to become one of those speakers. If you are a person with great stories and unique experiences in life and you are willing to impart those to your audience, then you can be a speaker.

Unfortunately, motivational speaking is not for everyone. Even if you have awesome personal stories to share or unique experiences to impart to your audience, if you do not have the talent to motivate effectively, then this field is not for you. You need to have confidence to inspire and encourage people. The following are some qualities that you should possess if you wish to become an effective motivational speaker:

motivational speaker

You Should be Motivated

This is definitely the main characteristic of a great speaker. The process of convincing people to do something or believe in something could be difficult if you do not possess a convincing attitude. It can be difficult to inspire and encourage a crowd if you are not motivated yourself. Your ability to connect with people and inspire them should come from within.

Great speakers have already mastered the art of living a motivated life. It is shown in their relationships. An effective speaker is someone who practices what he preaches. The speech of a non-motivated speaker could sound fake and unconvincing.

Motivational speakers view life positively. They are naturally optimistic about life in general. A great speaker knows how to inspire and encourage people despite tough times. The best motivational speaker is someone who sees rough situations as opportunities.

You Should Able To Connect

Inner motivation and the need to motivate others can only do so much without the capability to connect. The most notable speakers in history possessed the power to bond with the crowd, to exude the mood that they were connected with the people in the room or that they recognize what the audience was experiencing.

The most desirable motivational speakers are those who the crowd sees as someone who could be a best friend or a trusted buddy – in short, someone with whom they can connect. The most skilled speakers have the talent of joining a group of people and linking to every individual in that crowd. That’s why you get the feeling that while you are listening, it is as if the speaker is chatting directly to you.

The use of humor and an air of humility often make a motivational speech successful, since anyone will see it is difficult to connect with someone who’s so extremely confident that he appears arrogant. This is most likely the main reason why the majority of speakers tend to tell stories about earlier instances of setbacks or insecurities. Simply put, they aim to demonstrate to the target audience that they too have once been demoralized and scared.

You Should Have Good Voice Quality

speakerA good voice is ninety percent of the delivery. A good voice, one that resonates throughout the room, ensures that the message is conveyed – or at least heard clearly. Most inspirational speakers today have taken tutorials to learn how to modulate their voices, just because the way the speech is delivered could potentially make or break the event.

Effective speakers have this capability to talk vividly, pace their words the right way, and modulate their voices to avoid making a dull, uninteresting speech. Most people will notice that the very best presenters can keep a group occupied just by putting a proper tempo in their terms, so that it doesn’t sound similar to an extended, boring lecture. A great voice is usually a great tool for engaging the audience, especially for presenters waiting before a large crowd.

The aforementioned are basically just three of the many characteristics of a great motivational speaker. There are countless fantastic speeches out there, but without the right individual on stage to present them, the message frequently falls on deaf ears. Inner determination, being relatable, a bit of hope, and a pleasant voice can drive a point home a lot better than the best written speech can.

The Answer to All your Custom Military Coin Needs

World War 1 – although the history of challenge coins remains obscured, some say that its birth can be traced to this period. When a rich commanding officer had bronze medals made for each of his squadron members, he might have never expected it to be the dawn of a new military tradition.

At the peak of war, a young squadron member was shot over German territory and captured. All his belongings were then confiscated, except for the bronze medallion he wore around his neck. So when the young lad escaped to France, the French almost mistook him for a spy if not for his medallion. With this in hand, the French then shared a glass of wine with him and sent him back to the United States.

Since then, challenge coins have been widely used in the military as a way of promoting camaraderie and boosting morale between soldiers. The practice has even served as some sort of secret handshake between officers and soldiers, where they hand over military challenge coins while shaking hands. Military challenge coins have not only served morale boosting purposes, but they have also served as trademarks for military tradition and pride.

custom military coinsA military man would say that coins mean a great deal for a man in uniform; one collects many things while being in service, but awards such as military challenge coins have always been regarded as a notch above the rest. Challenge coins have without a doubt served important and deep-rooted roles within the military; these tokens have promoted unity among team members, regardless of size.

Military challenge coins aren’t exactly like regular coins. Usually 2 inches in diameter, these coins come in all shapes, sizes and designs. They’re pretty special and rare but if you’re looking for someone who can custom make military coins for you, we’ve got you covered. We don’t just make challenge coins; we offer coin customization services as well.

Our custom military coins are bound to make any graduation or awarding ceremony extra special. You can’t go wrong with well-designed custom military coins. We offer various designs that look and are amazing. We make coins with a purpose. Our custom military coins can come with handy when you need a portable bottle opener for a drinking game, or when you feel the need to show off some bragging rights.

When we said we customize, we meant it. You can bring your coin designs and we’ll make it a reality. We love making your custom military coins dream possible and we always try our best to achieve the look you want. We don’t limit our coins to being round, you can make them in whatever shape you like. We aim to break the mainstream and produce custom military coins that take on a more modern style.

We produce custom military coins for all branches of the military; we aim to preserve the pride, integrity and bravery of all military men and women. Now you don’t have to worry about looking for high quality military coin producers, we’re always more than willing to get the job done for you. We understand that there’s so much more to military coins than just mere mementos—they’re remembrances of hard-fought battles and times shared with fellow soldiers. The bonds formed in each mission are priceless, and we totally understand that.

We’d be more than honored to produce the best, top quality custom military coins for the people that make the world a better place. And because you matter to us, we’ll make it a priority to deliver your coins right on time. You don’t have to wait that long to have your most awaited celebration, we’ll send it over before you even know it. To carry something with pride and to have the whole world admire your accomplishments—that’s what we want you to experience with our products. Quality at affordable prices—that’s us.


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A military man would say that coins mean a great deal for a man in uniform. Challengecoins4less offer various designs that look and are amazing with quality at affordable prices—that’s us.

Silicone wristbands: fashionable accessories with a message

Silicone wristbands, also called baler ID bands or gel wristbands, are commonly worn by sports personalities as accessories. Basketball players in the professional leagues have popularized these brightly colored bands in recent years. You’ll be sure to see these on the wrists of your favorite basketball superstar. Athletes have good reasons to like these colored bands. The silicone material doesn’t absorb sweat during physical activity, and the wristband itself can be washed with soap and water and simply wiped clean. In addition, they can be stretched to fit the wrist and still stay in shape afterwards without snapping. With a wide assortment of colors available in the market, baler ID bands are popular accessories for fashionable individuals with an active lifestyle.

But you can’t help but ask: how were silicone wristbands introduced to the general population? Apparently, they have been popular since the 1980s – but just like trends, they come and go. However, its use for charity and cause awareness can be traced to the Live strong Foundation, established by disgraced former road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong. In order to generate funds for its various projects and promote the foundation at the same time, Live strong teamed up with sportswear manufacturer Nike in 2004 to make the yellow Live strong wristband. What was originally an item exclusively for fund-raising purposes has already sold more than 80 million pieces – and has already become a standard fashion accessory for both men and women. Nowadays, they are common giveaways to participants and visitors during events, competitions, and more.

Silicone Wristbands

Aside from being a fashion statement, these silicone wristbands have also been used to promote certain advocacies. The original Live strong wristband was created to promote cancer awareness, as the foundation’s key proponent Armstrong was a cancer survivor himself.

A number of charities and foundations have also followed the Live strong Foundation, creating their own version of the bands to raise necessary funds for their respective organizations. Companies have also tapped these gel bracelets for promotional and marketing purposes. Silicone bracelets are relatively inexpensive and highly customizable, yet effective in spreading ideas and raising awareness. They can be easily resold during events, with majority of sales from these bands going to particular charities or foundations chosen beforehand. In addition, these are usually trendier and appeal more to the younger generation.

However, political parties have also started to utilize these gel wristbands to promote their platforms. Some individuals wear wristbands nowadays to proudly display their political affiliations in a similar manner. This trend has been prevalent worldwide, with some countries’ national polls being less than a month away. Those running for presidency use such a method to promote themselves. They give away colored silicone wristbands to remind people of their platform. Silicone wristbands have been instrumental in identifying voters’ choice of potential candidates to vote for president in any upcoming elections. Many voters disillusioned with a country’s current administration post pictures of themselves online wearing their chosen candidate’s trademark baler ID band. Many of these wristbands do seem simple design-wise, typically featuring a candidate’s surname and a phrase or motto.

Of course, these accessories may also be deemed synonymous with support towards certain celebrities. You’ve probably seen some people wearing wristbands with their idols’ names. While these are more commonly seen among the younger crowd, it’s safe to safe that older generations of fans probably have such accessories – albeit not wearing them in public for fear of being ridiculed. In fact, special edition wristbands or balers can be found in listings and auctions online, fetching bids that surpass the thousand-dollar mark. Those who end up buying such items are indeed making a statement – and it’s that they should never be skipped in any discussion that pertains to the biggest fans. Well, regardless of price and rarity, the rubber-made accessories practically serve one purpose – they serve as proof of one’s loyalty towards a celebrity.

A simple gel bracelet made of silicone can help raise awareness, more so when on the wrist of a popular sports personality.    Still, anyone should be more than capable of spreading ideologies and even showing support, just by wearing those simple accessories.

Whoever thought that those simple baler ID bands on your favorite athlete’s arm carried a message, aside from being a fashionable accessory? Now that you’re well aware of their history and purpose, isn’t it about time that you try them firsthand? Don’t worry about the hassles of getting a few, as there are many reputable baler manufacturers on the web – you just have to spend time doing a proper search.

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Aside from being a fashion statement, these silicone wristbands have also been used to promote certain advocacies.

Uses and Application of Enobosarm

Enobosarm is an oral kind of selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMs) that is in its infancy in the area of research, development and application. It is developed by the pharmaceutical company GTx Inc. in the United States. It is more commonly referred to as Ostarine or Gtx-024. It has currently passed Phase I, II and III trials when tested for its effects on improving lean body mass and physical strength. Because of its relative success in producing results, the US FDA has considered a fast track process for Ostarine. It is still however, not widely available to the public. Ostarine is sold primarily as a research chemical by independent manufacturers. It can even be bought online. Because the full anabolic effects of SARMs has not yet been totally undermined and determined, manufacturers and distributors claim no responsibility for the use and misuse of SARMs. These compounds, despite the promising results of clinical tests, are currently sold as research chemicals only.

Conditions Treated

Enobosarm is not an illegal substance. In clinical tests, it showed a great potential to cure muscle wasting, osteoporosis and sarcopenia.

EnobosarmMuscle wasting or muscle atrophy is a prevalent condition among cancer, anorexia and AIDS, among the few. It is characterized by the significant loss of large muscle mass within a very short period of time. With this, physical functionality and strength is reduced to the minimum. Muscle wasting occurs when the synthesis of muscle from protein is less than the rate of protein degeneration. Administration of amino acids is the safest and most basic form to address muscle wasting. Next, the use of anabolic steroids for treatment of muscle wasting is preferred among men as this delivers faster results. However, due to the natural of anabolic steroids, the resultant tissue reaction and formation from androgen receptors are not controlled. With the use of anabolic steroids, side effects such as heart problems, bouts of aggression, acne, balding, change in testicular size and virilization and infertility among women are common especially in large dosages for a long time. However the usage of SARMs has been shown to yield very minimal and very limited of the aforementioned side effects.

Muscle wasting is tied to cancer. Patients with non-small cell lung cancer are most at risk of muscle atrophy. Research has estimated that half of the non-small cell lung cancer patients lose 70% of their muscle mass before they die. This translates to a difficulty in climbing stair, kneeling, lifting 10 lbs worth of weight and walking for ¼ miles. Muscle loss in cancer patients is directly correlated with their ability to withstand chemotherapy. As their functions worsen, then so is their chance for tolerating medication. For treatment of cancer-induced muscle loss, 3mg of enobosarm has been tested in clinical trials with 1,200 willing subjects with stage III or IV non-small cell lung cancer for 5 months. The results of this study failed to meet GTx’s set pointers for improved body mass and physical strength. Because of the lack of conclusive data to support its required effects, GTx’s new drug application for Ostarine (NDA) has been postponed.

However, the effects were better than the placebo group so the company is reconsidering to meet with US FDA one more time.

When used in body building, it gives 6 to 10 lbs of lean muscles with an 8-week period at a dosage of 3 mg. Because it is non-toxic to the liver and has no water retention and estrogen rebound effects, it is preferred by men despite the lack of safety trials.


Enobosarm is effective in increasing muscle mass and physical power. It is however banned in sports by the World Anti-Doping Agency, along with other doping substances. Like any doping substances and anabolic steroids, it increases ones stamina and strength. Detection of SARMs in the urine instantly means disqualification from the game.