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World War 1 – although the history of challenge coins remains obscured, some say that its birth can be traced to this period. When a rich commanding officer had bronze medals made for each of his squadron members, he might have never expected it to be the dawn of a new military tradition.

At the peak of war, a young squadron member was shot over German territory and captured. All his belongings were then confiscated, except for the bronze medallion he wore around his neck. So when the young lad escaped to France, the French almost mistook him for a spy if not for his medallion. With this in hand, the French then shared a glass of wine with him and sent him back to the United States.

Since then, challenge coins have been widely used in the military as a way of promoting camaraderie and boosting morale between soldiers. The practice has even served as some sort of secret handshake between officers and soldiers, where they hand over military challenge coins while shaking hands. Military challenge coins have not only served morale boosting purposes, but they have also served as trademarks for military tradition and pride.

custom military coinsA military man would say that coins mean a great deal for a man in uniform; one collects many things while being in service, but awards such as military challenge coins have always been regarded as a notch above the rest. Challenge coins have without a doubt served important and deep-rooted roles within the military; these tokens have promoted unity among team members, regardless of size.

Military challenge coins aren’t exactly like regular coins. Usually 2 inches in diameter, these coins come in all shapes, sizes and designs. They’re pretty special and rare but if you’re looking for someone who can custom make military coins for you, we’ve got you covered. We don’t just make challenge coins; we offer coin customization services as well.

Our custom military coins are bound to make any graduation or awarding ceremony extra special. You can’t go wrong with well-designed custom military coins. We offer various designs that look and are amazing. We make coins with a purpose. Our custom military coins can come with handy when you need a portable bottle opener for a drinking game, or when you feel the need to show off some bragging rights.

When we said we customize, we meant it. You can bring your coin designs and we’ll make it a reality. We love making your custom military coins dream possible and we always try our best to achieve the look you want. We don’t limit our coins to being round, you can make them in whatever shape you like. We aim to break the mainstream and produce custom military coins that take on a more modern style.

We produce custom military coins for all branches of the military; we aim to preserve the pride, integrity and bravery of all military men and women. Now you don’t have to worry about looking for high quality military coin producers, we’re always more than willing to get the job done for you. We understand that there’s so much more to military coins than just mere mementos—they’re remembrances of hard-fought battles and times shared with fellow soldiers. The bonds formed in each mission are priceless, and we totally understand that.

We’d be more than honored to produce the best, top quality custom military coins for the people that make the world a better place. And because you matter to us, we’ll make it a priority to deliver your coins right on time. You don’t have to wait that long to have your most awaited celebration, we’ll send it over before you even know it. To carry something with pride and to have the whole world admire your accomplishments—that’s what we want you to experience with our products. Quality at affordable prices—that’s us.


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A military man would say that coins mean a great deal for a man in uniform. Challengecoins4less offer various designs that look and are amazing with quality at affordable prices—that’s us.